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Notice of Shanghai Cixi's participation in miconex2018

Author: Release date: October 17, 2018 15:01:17 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 241
As a result, the number of R & D equipment manufacturers and equipment purchasing managers from many countries can not be missed. As the wind vane of domestic measurement and control, instrumentation and automation industry, it has become a window for the whole industry to gain insight into enterprise trends and overall market fluctuations. At the same time, it will hold a number of conferences and academic conferences on new instruments and instruments in China. ? ? ?
The 29th China international survey control and Instrumentation Exhibition
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Exhibition area: Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd. (a258)
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Exhibition products: Micro flowmeter, gas mass flowmeter / controller, vacuum gauge, gear metering pump
Exhibition time: October 24-27, 2018
Exhibition venue: National Convention Center, Beijing
Sponsored by China instrumentation Society