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Principle and technical parameters of plunger flow switch

Author: Release date: 2015-03-05 11:47:25 Source: Shanghai Cixi Browse: 257
Plunger type Flow switch Principle and structure
On line mounted, mechanical flow switch for liquid or gas media, available in rugged plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing. When the medium pushes the plunger spring to the set position, it can act on the reed tube through the magnetic field to output the passive on-off signal.
main features
Minimal pressure loss
Good repeatability and anti pollution ability
The mechanical part is completely isolated from the electronic part
With switch setting, the scale is easy to set
The user does not need to set it on site
LED display switch action state
Large capacity switch
A variety of materials and pressure level selection
Gas liquid dual purpose / industrial automation / mechanical equipment / air compression industry / refrigeration and air conditioning
technical parameter
Accuracy: ± 2.5% of total range
Hysteresis: depending on the switching point, the minimum is 0.5l/min
Switch setting scale: the medium is water, the temperature is 20 ℃, and the installation position is calibrated in horizontal installation state. The change of medium and temperature will slightly affect the switch value.
LED display: AC and DC power distribution have led display switch state
Wiring mode: hesman plug B-12 plug
Output: 15bar (POM plastic) 50bar (aluminum type) 50bar (brass)
100bar (stainless steel) customized type, 200bar optional
Average pressure loss: 0.25 (at 25L / min)
Return difference: related to switch value, minimum 0.5l/min
Medium temperature: maximum 160 ℃
Protection grade: IP65
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