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The principle, price and selection of gas mass flow controller are introduced

Author: Release date: 2020-05-19 10:48:21 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 31
Principle introduction:
The principle of capillary heat transfer differential calorimetry is used to measure the mass flow of gas. The flow signal measured by the sensor can be amplified and compared with the set voltage. The difference signal is used to drive the control valve, and the closed loop control is used to control the flow through the channel to make it equal to the set flow.
Price introduction:
The price is determined by some parameters. Generally, the price of analog model will be cheaper, and then you need to see whether you want to bring flow control. The price that needs to be controlled will also be higher, and the price with display on site will be higher.
 The principle, price and selection of gas mass flow controller are introduced
Introduction to model selection:
The gas mass flow controller can test the tiny flow rate of gas in ml / min and ml / min, etc. the installation of gas mass flow ferrule is relatively large. It is necessary to know the medium, flow range, etc? Need to know the flow unit? Pipe size? According to the pipeline medium, material, field conditions, introduce the appropriate products. Is the customer used, pressure, temperature, viscosity. What is the range of flow control? Is it controlled by computer? Do you want to display it? Ferrule connection, thread connection or quick plug connection?
Product advantages:
Multi range and fast response.  
2. Good repeatability, high stability and high cost performance.
3. Wide working pressure range and long service life.
4. Local display, high-definition LCD, digital and analog input and output.
Application scope: heat treatment, semiconductor, vacuum equipment, solar energy, analytical instruments, photoelectric, gas making, medical, chemical, boiler and other fields.
matters needing attention:
The gas must be purified. Dust, liquid and oil must be avoided. Working pressure difference: pay special attention to the air pressure of the working medium, and keep the working pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the controller within the index range. If the working pressure difference is not within the specified range, the flow can not be closed or reduced. When using mass flow controller with large flow rate, it is necessary to properly thicken the pipeline and reduce the internal resistance of air source. If the working pressure difference is less than the required value, the flow rate may not reach the full range value. (customers are advised to install pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet)

The above is a brief introduction of the principle, price and selection of the gas mass flow controller by Shanghai Cixi. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions about the products, you can call the consultation number on the page! The company provides 24-hour service!

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