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    Baffle type flow switch vr11 series
    The principle and structure of baffle type flow switch vr11 series are plug-in installation and mechanical flow switch. Built in micro trigger switch. Microswitches can be imported according to customers' requirements, which can be dazzled, characterized by minimal pressure loss, good repeatability and anti pollution ability. Precise switch setting can be realized through knob. Machine.. (2015-02-10)
    Oil tanker driver stealing and selling oil
    Are you still worried about the driver stealing oil? Is there no way to deal with oil theft? It seems that it has become a hidden rule for drivers to steal oil in the transportation industry. The annual fuel loss of a car is often thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. However, the company has no plan. How to better prevent.. (2015-02-10)
    Wet gas flowmeter wnk-0.5a
    Wet gas flowmeter wnk-0.5a experiment. Environmental measurement: ; standard type A (experimental) measuring drum: stainless steel (SUS304) cutting parts: brass (c3604bd) connection part: solder connection. the gas from the air inlet fills the metering chamber at the upper part of the liquid level, passes through the turbine drum and keeps no leakage, and then enters the air from the inlet.. (2015-02-09)
    How to manage vehicle fuel consumption
    With the rapid development of logistics express, the fuel consumption management of logistics vehicles has become an urgent problem to be solved. The theft of oil by drivers has become a hidden rule of logistics fleet, mixing station and other industries. How to manage vehicle fuel consumption and strengthen vehicle management has become a major problem. Vehicle management is a very important link in enterprise management. (2015-02-09)
    Float switch F1 series
    Principle and structure a dry reed tube is installed in a closed non-magnetic stainless steel pipe, and a ring-shaped magnetic ring is installed in the floating ball. The floating ball moves with the rise or fall of the liquid level, thus triggering or releasing the magnetic spring switch in the stainless steel pipe and sending out the switch signal. features can be installed at the top or bottom, compact and strong structure, performance.. (2015-02-06)
    General diesel fuel consumption meter
    The general diesel fuel consumption meter is a kind of sensor to measure the fuel consumption of internal combustion engine. Because of its simple operation, long-term durability and excellent quality, it has been widely used in the measurement of various fuels such as gasoline, diesel, alcohol and biofuel. Diesel fuel consumption meter (commonly known as fuel consumption flowmeter) is a patented product of our company. (2015-02-06)
    Principle of solid flowmeter
    The solid flowmeter can master the operation of powder, dust and particles in the pipeline at any time, and understand the working state of each pipeline. On the whole, the amount of powder, dust and particulate matter injected directly affects the operation of the following process. If the flow rate of the injected material is increased too high or too low, it may lead to.. (2015-02-06)
    Diffused silicon input liquid level transmitter
    Overview of diffused silicon input liquid level transmitter the imported high-precision and high stability diffusion silicon pressure sensitive chip is selected for the input type liquid level transmitter. Through the high reliability amplifier circuit, the liquid level signal of the measured liquid is converted into 4 ~ 20mADC standard signal. High quality sensor, exquisite packaging technology and perfect.. (2015-02-05)
    Digital display temperature sensor
    Principle and characteristics of digital display temperature sensor T80 adopts high-precision sensor for temperature measurement, and the signal is processed by the back processing circuit and converted into standard industrial electrical signal output and display. The hollow metal shell design and high brightness LED digital display make this series of products can be used in various industrial occasions. .. (2015-02-05)