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    Domestic microwave solid flowmeter looking for Shanghai Cixi
    Shanghai professional sales of domestic microwave solid flowmeter, has many years of sales experience, products sold at home and abroad, has been recognized by the majority of customers. Sales Telephone: 021-57632436. microwave solid flowmeter is used in metallurgy, food (including feed), wood, paper processing, building materials, chemical industry, mining, pharmaceutical, energy.. (2015-01-30)
    PT100 temperature sensor
    The principle and structure of Pt100 temperature sensor T30 includes a PT100 probe, and the resistance of Pt100 will change with the temperature change. PT100 has two-stage, three wire and four wire types, which can be supplied together. Features ; features ; simple installation, multiple ranges, multiple specifications of probes, all stainless steel shell, compact structure (2015-01-30)
    Enterprise certification of fuel consumption flowmeter
    Fuel consumption flowmeter is a patented product of Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd., which has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, EU CE certification, measurement license certification and patent certificate certification, with guaranteed quality, and is a trustworthy enterprise. fuel consumption flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter, the most widely used fuel consumption flowmeter in the world (2015-01-30)
    T20 series adjustable temperature switch
    The principle and structure of adjustable temperature switch T20 series adopts the principle of bimetallic sheet. When the temperature reaches the set value, a section of bimetallic sheet with circular bending shape is wound, and a section of thermal expansion triggers the built-in mechanical device, and the switch acts. features T20 and medium contact part is made of brass, and the interface thread has G1 / 4.. (2015-01-29)
    High precision flow switch
    High precision flow switch (baffle type flow switch) principle and structure mechanical flow switch. When the flow reaches the preset value, the mechanical structure triggers the micro trigger switch. high precision flow switch features ; online installation, minimal pressure loss, good repeatability, anti pollution (2015-01-29)
    How does the driver steal oil
    How to steal oil? It is a common thing for drivers to steal oil. It has become a hidden rule in the industry. If it is not restrained, the company will suffer huge losses. The following small series will list some methods of drivers stealing oil, so as to know yourself and know the enemy. means 1: (2015-01-29)
    T10 series adjustable temperature switch
    Adjustable temperature switch T10 series principle and structure ; adjustable liquid expansion temperature switch, simple IP40 protection design, and rotatable micro control switch. A reliable temperature control and setting range up to 210 ℃. Provide safe temperature switch package. features ; high precision and simple design.. (2015-01-28)
    Water pump flow control switch
    The complete isolation of the live part of the water pump flow control switch from the pipeline and the high sealing control box make the controller have incomparable safety compared with the traditional one. The integrated design can save more time and materials when installing. rated current: 10A rated voltage: 220v-240v110v-115v frequency.. (2015-01-28)
    Fuel consumption management of logistics vehicles
    The main purpose of how to manage the fuel consumption of logistics vehicles is to master the vehicle conditions. The performance of fuel consumption of vehicles in different life cycles is different. Real time mastering of vehicle conditions, timely detection and handling of abnormalities, and keeping vehicles put into operation with good vehicle conditions; (2) understanding driving habits of each driver for training,.. (2015-01-28)