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    Ls rotary piston flowmeter
    Measurement principle of LS rotary piston flowmeter rotary piston flowmeter (hereinafter referred to as flowmeter) is a kind of volumetric flowmeter, which is mainly used to measure the volume flow of liquid. Its biggest characteristic is suitable for small flow measurement. It can display the accumulated flow on the spot and has a remote output interface. When the flowmeter is equipped with LPJ.. (2015-01-15)
    Working principle of solid flowmeter
    The sensor of microwave solid flowmeter adopts 24gh high frequency microwave. Through the coupling of electromagnetic field between the sensor and the pipeline, the microwave energy of the measurement field is reflected back by the solid particles and received by the transmitter. According to the Doppler principle, only the flowing particles of the microwave solid flowmeter can be measured, combined with the recorded.. (2015-01-14)
    Measuring principle of rotary piston flow sensor
    Analysis of measurement principle of rotary piston flow sensor rotary piston flowmeter is based on the principle of continuously filling and emptying the measuring chamber (V1 + V2). The measuring mechanism is composed of a measuring chamber with a cover, a rotating piston and a clapboard. On the inner cavity of the slotted valve body and the outer diameter of the fixed shaft, the diaphragm is installed radially on the inlet and outlet of the valve (2015-01-13)
    BSB wet gas flowmeter
    1、 BSD series wet gas flowmeter: the nominal flow rate of BSD 0.5 wet gas flowmeter is 0.5 cubic meter per hour, that is 500L (L). The wet gas flowmeter is mainly used to measure the volume flow of gas, air or other non corrosive gases, especially suitable for metallurgical industry, gas industry, chemistry.. (2015-01-13)
    Pressure test of magnetic level gauge for liquefied gas tanker
    The pressure test of magnetic liquid level gauge for liquefied gas tank car 5.6.1 pipe the pressure test of the tube of liquid level gauge is conducted by hydraulic test. water is generally used as the medium for test, and the chloride ion content of water should be controlled not to exceed 25mg / L. two pressure gauges with the same range and verified must be used for the test. Pressure.. (2015-01-12)
    How to select the type of pressure sensor
    1、 Q: what is a pressure sensor used to measure? Answer: pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure of fluid. The object of action is fluid. There are two forms of material in nature, solid and fluid. Fluid includes two forms, namely gas and liquid. In other words, the pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure of gas or liquid... (2015-01-11)
    Load bearing of magnetic level gauge for liquefied gas tanker
    Load bearing of magnetic liquid level gauge for liquefied gas tank car the floating ball assembly and measuring rod assembly of liquid level gauge shall be loaded after manufacturing, and the sum of weight of floating ball component and measuring rod assembly shall be calculated. pressure resistance the float ball and pipe of liquid level gauge shall be subjected to pressure test, and the test pressure shall be 1.5 times of the maximum working pressure, and the pressure shall be maintained (2015-01-09)
    Requirements for magnetic level gauges for liquid gas tank cars
    Requirements for magnetic level gauge for liquid gas tank car material the quality and specification of materials for liquid gas level gauge shall not only comply with the provisions of national standards and industrial standards, but also consider the compatibility with medium. The relevant material of pressure gauge shall meet the requirements of GB 150. pipes, floating balls and their connections on the liquid level gauge (2015-01-08)
    Dynamic conditions of general test methods for industrial automation instruments
    The power condition of general test method for industrial automation instruments tolerance ; in addition to other tolerances agreed by users and manufacturers, the following tolerances shall be adopted: - power supply: - voltage: ± 1% nominal value - frequency: ± 1% nominal value - & mdash.. (2015-01-08)