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Principle and application of hand held ultrasonic flowmeter

Author: Release date: 09:53:30, March 9, 2017 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 55
Hand held ultrasonic flowmeter is a special measurement system which is very convenient to measure in industrial production, which is of great significance to industrial production. At present, the hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is widely used in various industrial production, and the effect of measuring single liquid flow is very obvious.
The handheld ultrasonic flowmeter uses the time difference measurement principle: when a probe transmits a signal through the pipe wall, the medium and the other side of the pipe wall, it is received by the other probe, at the same time, the second probe also transmits the signal to be received by the first probe. Due to the influence of the medium flow rate, there is a time difference between the two. According to the measurement calculation, the flow rate and time can be obtained Then the measured value of flow can be obtained.
The hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is widely used in the following six advantages:
1. Easy to measure and print data at any time.
2. The machine is equipped with charging power supply, which is easy to carry and use outdoors.
3. Power down protection function, online self diagnosis function.
4. The measurement accuracy is high, and the influence of environmental temperature on the measured value is eliminated from the algorithm.
5. All Chinese or English display, 2? 0 dot matrix LCD display 6. Non contact flow measurement mode, small size, easy to carry, hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is widely used at present, because industrial flow measurement generally has the problem of large pipe diameter and large flow measurement difficulty, because all kinds of ultrasonic flowmeter can be installed outside the pipe and non-contact flow measurement, The price of the hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is basically independent of the diameter of the pipeline to be measured, while the cost of other types of flowmeter will increase greatly with the increase of the diameter. Therefore, the larger the diameter is, the better the function price ratio of other types of flowmeters with the same function. Therefore, the handheld ultrasonic flowmeter is considered as the representative of better large pipe diameter flow measurement instrument.

The above is the principle and application of Shanghai Cixi hand held ultrasonic flowmeter, hope to help you, if you still have related product problems, you can dial the page of the consultation phone! The company provides 24-hour service!

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