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Application of vortex flowmeter in oil field gas supply industry

Author: Release date: 09:50:49, March 11, 2017 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 58
Vortex flowmeter not only has simple structure, high measurement accuracy, but also has no movable components. It is recommended and used by users, and it is mainly used in oil field gas supply industry. Vortex flowmeter oil field gas supply industry environmental requirements, let's see how it is.
1. The influence of oil-water steam in the pipeline and solutions. In the field, a large amount of water oil mixture can be discharged from the vent valve. We can know that the loss of steam is very large. Under the standard measurement conditions, the flow value of vortex flowmeter is calculated by pressure, volume and temperature.
2. The entrance of the vortex tube affects the flow meter. In some transfer stations, it is found that the inner diameter of the straight pipe section is smaller than the inner diameter of the gas meter cavity, which does not meet the installation requirements of the gas meter itself.
3. Temperature influence and solution. The working environment temperature of the gas meter is in the range of - 20 ~ 55 ℃ Vortex Flowmeter In order to ensure normal work. In the case of no thermal insulation measures and working under the condition of low ambient temperature, the accuracy of vortex flowmeter measurement will be affected, and the internal gas meter will be damaged.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi vortex flowmeter in the oil field gas supply industry in the application of the introduction, I hope to help you, if you still related product problems, you can dial the page of the consultation phone! The company provides 24-hour service!

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