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Does electromagnetic flowmeter need to be used continuously on line?

Author: Release date: March 22, 2017 09:35:33 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 54
Electromagnetic flowmeter must be online continuous use, the answer is yes, let's take a look at the following specific introduction!
Because the electromagnetic flowmeter must be used continuously on-line, it is almost impossible to dismantle it and then transport it to the national measurement and Testing Center for verification. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of large caliber electromagnetic flowmeter. The accuracy verification of electromagnetic flowmeter is very useful for the management of electromagnetic flowmeter, ensuring its accuracy and reliability, accumulating the original comparison data, and doing future verification and verification. The accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter can be verified by using clear water tank volume and electromagnetic flowmeter calibration equipment.
The accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter is comprehensively verified to determine the accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter in the water plant application process, to ensure that the measurement data is true and reliable, or whether to replace the electromagnetic flowmeter. Using visual inspection method and instrument method, gs8 is used to check whether the resistance value of excitation coil, insulation resistance and grounding resistance between signal lines of the sensor meet the standards before delivery, and whether the zero point and output current of electromagnetic flowmeter converter meet the accuracy requirements.
To evaluate the influence of external environment of electromagnetic flowmeter on its operation accuracy, such as laying excitation line and signal line in the same pipe, parallel excitation line and signal line with high voltage cable, surrounding large transformer or motor and other factors on the operation accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter. This evaluation mainly uses visual inspection method to observe whether there is mutation or fluctuation of electromagnetic flowmeter in operation Whether there is electromagnetic interference in the flowmeter or not.
More information about the use of this continuous flow meter can be found online.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi electromagnetic flowmeter need to be online continuous use? Hope to help you, if you still have related product problems, you can dial the page of the consultation phone! The company provides 24-hour service!

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