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Failure analysis of vortex flowmeter

Author: Release date: March 23, 2017 10:47:04 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 70
Like other flowmeters, there are different types of vortex flowmeter failures in application. So, what are the specific reasons? Let's learn about it!
According to the fault causes, there are: (1) instrument failure, which is caused by the damage and failure of the structure, electronic components and detection elements of the instrument itself; (2) external fault, which is caused by poor installation, flow parameter change, deposition, scaling and corrosion of impurities in the medium.
According to the time period of the failure, it can be divided into: (1) the fault occurred in the commissioning period after the new installation of vortex flowmeter, mainly due to improper instrument selection (including the great difference between the range range and the actual flow, the actual flow is not within the range of the instrument), improper installation, improper initial parameter setting, etc. (2) )During the operation period, the fault occurs after the instrument operates for a period of time or a long time. The performance of the fault is that the sensitivity of the instrument decreases, the measurement error increases, the function fails, some components fail, and the instrument cannot work normally.
During the debugging period, the fault occurs during the initial installation of the instrument, and occurs during the static debugging, dynamic debugging and trial operation of the instrument. The fault causes are as follows.
The reasons for instrument selection are as follows: (1) due to the improper selection of the diameter of the instrument, the actual flow is far from the range range of the instrument after being installed and put into use, which mainly shows that the pipe diameter is large, the flow rate is small, and the flow rate is low. The actual flow rate is below or below the lower limit of the instrument, so the instrument can not operate normally, and the measurement error is very large; (2) when the instrument is installed and put into operation, the actual flow rate is far from the )When selecting meters, the working condition parameters are not accurate, which is far different from the actual working conditions, resulting in improper selection of meters. After the instruments are installed and put into operation, they can not operate normally. This kind of situation often occurs in the selection of meters for gas flow measurement. For example, a certain unit selects vortex flowmeter to measure compressed air flow. First, it provides working pressure according to the upper limit working pressure of air compressor 0:9mpa (absolute pressure), while the actual pressure of instrument is only 0:3mpa (absolute pressure). If the volume flow rate and upper limit volume flow rate are calculated according to 0.9mpa pressure, the 20mA output signal corresponding to the upper limit volume flow rate is adjusted. When the valve opening is not large, the output signal will reach the full range of 20mA. This is because the volume flow at the actual working pressure (0.3MPa) is three times larger than that at the design pressure (0.9mpa). ·When this happens, one has to readjust the measuring range, that is to calculate the volume flow of the working state according to the working pressure of 0.3MPa, and adjust the upper limit of the measuring range.
The above are common faults and causes during commissioning period. In these faults, if it belongs to the measurement fault caused by incorrect selection of meters, it is the most thorough solution to re select the meter according to the actual working conditions on site. Other faults can be solved by specific measures. Once these problems are solved, vortex flowmeter will be put into operation stably and reliably. For your reference only.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi vortex flowmeter fault analysis of the introduction, hope to help you, if you still related product problems, you can call the page of the consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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