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The characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter and the influence of environment

Author: Release date: March 27, 2017 09:35:05 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 110
The measurement accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter is very high, which can be widely used in various industrial occasions. However, many users do not know the relevant parameters of ultrasonic flowmeter, or do not know which environmental factors will affect the ultrasonic flowmeter.

The ultrasonic flowmeter has the following characteristics:

(1) no mechanical vibration is required for the measured pipeline, otherwise mechanical clutter will be generated, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

(2) there are no special requirements for the components of the media to be measured, and the liquid and gas can be measured; in addition, because the measured fluid is not contacted, the original flow state of the fluid can be maintained without pressure loss.

(3) the measurement accuracy is not affected by the pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and other parameters of the fluid.

(4) solve the flow measurement of large diameter, large flow and irregular geometry transportation pipeline.

(5) when measuring, it is required that the fluid is fully developed. When the upstream section is equipped with throttling parts and elbows, it should be ensured that there is enough long straight pipe section in front of the flowmeter.

(6) the measuring range can reach 30; 1.

The ultrasonic flow meter will be affected by the following environment:

1. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of high-precision measurement equipment based on micro electric technology. Although it has the ability to resist external electromagnetic and electronic interference, the installation site is often complex and changeable. If the "electrical noise" in the use environment is not required, it may be placed in the electromagnetic field due to negligence in the design and installation In disturbing environment, such as near transformer or fixed wireless communication place, the accuracy and reliability of instrument measurement may be affected.

2. Although the ultrasonic flowmeter has passed the strict mechanical vibration test before leaving the factory, as a kind of precise measuring instrument, if it is used in the environment close to the vibration source or with vibration for a long time, the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and the service life of the machine may be seriously affected. Therefore, the only way is to keep away from or eliminate the vibration.

3. According to the measurement principle of ultrasonic flowmeter, the ultrasonic flowmeter must be installed on the pipeline with full pipe state to measure, which requires that the medium of pipeline must be full of measuring pipeline. The measured medium must also be able to transmit to the ultrasonic wave.

4. High cold and high heat environment may shorten the service life of the instrument and damage the measuring performance of the instrument. Therefore, any measuring instrument will make its own specific regulations on the adaptability of the external environment temperature. According to the requirements of AGA. No. 9 report and the manufacturing level of existing materials and equipment, this standard puts forward the requirements of - 25 ~ 55 ℃ for gas ultrasonic flowmeter.

In some special cases, in order to prevent the additional influence of the external environment temperature on the measurement results, it is suggested that the instrument and its upstream and downstream measuring pipes should be equipped with rain proof and sunscreen facilities or take necessary heat insulation measures.

The installation of ultrasonic flowmeter is convenient. For example, the plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter can be installed and maintained without cutting off the flow, which will not affect the production process.

The above is the introduction of Shanghai Cixi on the characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter and the impact of the environment, I hope it can help you, if you still have related product problems, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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