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Installation of insert electromagnetic flowmeter and influence of medium on measurement

Author: Release date: March 27, 2017 09:54:42 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 102
The plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of its sensor and converter. It is used to measure the medium of closed pipeline. The following section mainly introduces the installation of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter and the influence of the medium on the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter.

The installation of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter mainly needs the following points:

1. Adopt stainless steel electrode for flat welding, and ensure that the flange surface is parallel to the pipe axis after welding.

2. After the fluid flow in the measured pipe is stable, check the instrument display. At this time, turn the direction of the sensor to make the display value maximum, and lock the positioning screw and compression nut,

3. The opening on the measured pipe is larger than the base, and the depth of the hole inserted into the measured pipe is flush with the weld joints on both sides.

4. The installation position must ensure that the pipeline is always filled with the measured fluid.

5. The length of straight pipe at upstream side of sensor installation pipeline is more than 8D, and that of downstream side is not less than 5D.

6. Install the DN50 ball valve on the mounting base, and pay attention to the upward long cavity of the ball valve.

7. The insertion depth of the sensor is 3mm out of the base. After meeting the requirements, tighten the positioning screw and compression nut. At the same time, pay attention to the direction mark of the sensor is consistent with the flow direction of the fluid.

8. Clean the welding slag and burr of the installation base of the measured pipe.

9. The installation position shall be convenient for installation and maintenance.

10. Check whether the ball valve switch is normal.

11. Install the compression screw seat kit on the ball valve, loosen the positioning screw and compression nut, and insert the sensor rod into the measured pipe through the ball valve.

12. The installation site should not have strong vibration, and the pipeline should be fixed firmly. The ambient temperature changes little.

13. Connect the power supply and other wiring with the converter gauge according to the requirements of the manual. After power on, check the instrument display. When the measured pipe is full of fluid and the flow is zero, check that the instrument display should be zero.

14. Keep away from equipment with strong electromagnetic field as far as possible.

Then let's take a look at the influence of the medium on the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter

1. When measuring the liquid with good conductivity, the maximum velocity is usually less than 5 m / s, and the economic velocity range is 1.5 m / S ~ 3 M / s.

2. When measuring medium flow rate, instrument range and caliber, the full flow rate of electromagnetic flowmeter can be selected in the range of 0.5-12m/s of medium flow rate, and the range is relatively wide. The selection should be determined according to whether the measured flow range is within the flow rate range, that is, when the pipeline velocity is too low to meet the requirements of the flow meter or the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed at this flow rate, the instrument diameter should be reduced to improve the flow rate in the pipe and obtain satisfactory measurement results.

3. If the slurry with strong wear resistance is measured, the flow rate should be lower than 2 ~ 3m / s, so as to reduce the wear of electrode and lining. Generally, the measurement range of electromagnetic flowmeter is more than 20 times; when necessary, the instrument with automatic range switching function can be selected, and the measurement range is more than 50 times or even 100 times.

4. Measure the fluid which is easy to adhere, deposit and scale, and the flow rate should not be lower than 2m / s, and it is better to increase it to 3 ~ 4m / s, so as to avoid adhesion, deposition and scaling.

5. When measuring the fluid with low conductivity, the low flow velocity should be selected as far as possible, because the flow noise will increase with the increase of flow velocity, which will lead to the sloshing phenomenon of flow signal output.

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