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Characteristics, installation and application of target flowmeter

Author: Release date: March 27, 2017 09:56:49 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 116
High viscosity medium has always been a major difficulty in the field of measurement. Generally, we can use elliptical gear flowmeter or waist wheel flowmeter to measure. However, in fact, target flowmeter can also measure high viscosity medium well. The following small series will introduce this kind of flowmeter to you.

To use a flowmeter, we must first understand its related characteristics. So what are the unique characteristics of target flowmeter?

1. First of all, the disadvantage is that the flow measured by the target flowmeter is not linear with the output signal, and the output signal is greatly affected by the change of medium density.

2. The structure of target flowmeter is simple, without moving parts such as rotation and sliding, so as to avoid abrasion and binding mechanism. Compared with differential pressure flowmeter, it does not need pressure pipe which is easy to block, leak and freeze, and also does not need auxiliary facilities such as cut-off valve and settler, which brings convenience for installation and maintenance.

3. Large pressure loss. Due to the existence of choke and target rod in the new target flowmeter, there will be a certain pressure loss, but the pressure loss is much smaller than that of vortex street, orifice plate and turbine flowmeter.

4. High sensitivity. The resistance strain gauge with high sensitivity is used to detect the fluid flow directly, which can also have a good response to intermittent measurement and rapid change of flow measurement.

5. The new target flowmeter can measure high viscosity fluids, such as asphalt, heavy oil, sulfur, resin, latex, polyvinyl alcohol and other liquids with high viscosity, as well as those that are easy to crystallize, coagulate and have suspended particles.

The installation of target flowmeter is a prerequisite for normal use. When installing the target flowmeter, the following points should be done well:

1. The target flowmeter should not be involved in the line sweeping process, and the upstream valve should be opened slowly until it is fully opened.

When installing the flowmeter, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium.

3. The diameter of upstream straight pipe section of target flowmeter shall not be less than 10 times of measuring pipe diameter, and that of downstream straight pipe section shall not be less than 5 times of measuring pipe diameter.

4. The target of flowmeter should be concentric with the pipe, and its deviation from the center should not be greater than 0.3% of the diameter of the measuring pipe.

5. When the target flowmeter is installed on the pipeline not allowed to stop, bypass or online plug-in type shall be selected.

6. When the medium density parameter changes, the flowmeter should be corrected.

When the meter is installed, it should be consistent with the specified parameters.

What kind of situation and fluid is the target flowmeter commonly used in?

The flow rate should change slightly with time.

2. The fluid must fill the measuring tube of the flowmeter.

3. The phase transition does not occur when the fluid flows through the target flowmeter. If it is necessary to determine whether there is a change, it can be regarded as an isentropic process for gas and an isothermal process for liquid.

4. The fluid should be uniform in physics and thermodynamics, and the density and viscosity under measurement conditions can be known.

5. The pipe Reynolds number should be greater than 2000.

6. The measured fluid must be Newtonian fluid.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics, installation and application of Shanghai Cixi target flowmeter. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions about the products, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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