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Several common sewage flow meters

Author: Release date: March 28, 2017 09:05:38 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 138
Sewage is a kind of medium which is often encountered in modern life and production. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection, we also increase the requirements for the measurement and control of sewage. Now we will introduce three common sewage flow meters.

The first is throttling flowmeter.

In the early stage, a kind of flow measurement device was widely used, which had the longest history and the most consumption. Now the common types are circular orifice plate type and conical inlet plate type. An orifice plate throttling piece is added into the fluid pipe, and the differential pressure transmitter is introduced through the pressure pipe to measure the pressure difference between upstream and downstream of the throttling part. According to the measured pressure difference, the instantaneous value of flow can be obtained through calculation. Due to the non fluidity of the water in the pressure pipe, the orifice pressure pipe installed outdoors in winter is easy to freeze crack, which makes the differential pressure instrument unable to work normally.

When the plate is dirty, it needs to be measured frequently. If the cleaning is not timely, the measurement accuracy is reduced, the pressure pipe is often blocked by dirt, and the instrument cannot be used. There are some disadvantages such as large pressure loss and maintenance when using orifice plate to measure flow rate. For example, the diameter distance method can reduce the influence of dirt on the orifice plate.

Second, electromagnetic flowmeter.

According to the characteristics of sewage, such as large flow variation, impurities, low corrosivity and certain conductivity, electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice to measure the flow of sewage.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is compact in structure, small in size, and convenient in installation, operation and maintenance. If the measurement system adopts intelligent design and the overall sealing is strengthened, it can work normally in harsh environment. The electromagnetic flowmeter with chloroprene rubber lining and molybdenum stainless steel electrode can meet the requirements of sewage flow measurement.

Third, vortex flowmeter.

But in the measurement of sewage, there will be some restrictions. The main points are as follows:

1. The medium temperature also has a great influence on the performance of vortex flowmeter. In the measurement system, the sensor and converter should be installed separately to avoid long-term high temperature affecting the reliability and service life of the instrument.

2. The measurement range is large, generally 10:1, but the lower limit of measurement is limited by many factors: re > 10000 is the most basic condition for vortex flowmeter, in addition, it is also limited by vortex energy. The environmental conditions of the site are complex. In addition to environmental temperature, humidity, atmosphere and other conditions, electromagnetic interference should be considered. In the case of strong interference, such as high-voltage power transmission station, large-scale rectifying station, etc., the magnetic sensitive and piezoelectric stress instruments cannot work normally or can not accurately measure.

3. Vibration is also a strong enemy of this kind of instrument. Therefore, attention should be paid to avoid mechanical vibration, especially the transverse vibration of pipeline, which can not be suppressed and eliminated in the structural design of flowmeter.

Among them, electromagnetic flowmeter is the most common sewage flowmeter, but some other flowmeters have their own advantages when measuring sewage. The above are three kinds of common sewage flowmeter. Users can choose the most suitable flowmeter according to their own needs.

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