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Installation points of insert type and pipeline type electromagnetic flowmeter

Author: Release date: 2017-03-29 09:21:42 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 110
Although the electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, it can also be divided into several categories. This paper introduces the most common two kinds of electromagnetic flowmeter to the majority of users: the installation of pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter and plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter.

The first is plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter.

1. Insert electromagnetic flowmeter. According to different pipeline conditions on site, the flowmeter without ball valve should be installed on the pipeline without overpowering. The diameter of opening on the pipe is 50, and the connecting welded pipe is ready to be welded on the opening of the pipeline. For the occasions requiring constant flow loading and unloading or medium overflow, the ball valve must be installed, that is, the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter with ball valve structure should be selected The diameter of the opening on the pass is 50. Prepare to weld the connecting welded pipe to the opening of the pipe.

2. Docking site requirements. In order to make the instrument work reliably, improve the measurement accuracy and avoid the interference of external parasitic potential, the sensor should be well grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10.

3. Requirements for straight pipe section: inlet / outlet straight pipe section: inlet shall be ≥ 10 × DN; outlet shall be ≥ 5 × DN.

The second is the pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter.

1. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the flowmeter, it is better to install a bypass pipe for the flowmeter. In addition, if the heavily polluted fluid and the flowmeter need to be cleaned and the fluid cannot be stopped, the bypass pipe must be installed. The functions of the bypass pipe are: the fluid can not be stopped and the flowmeter needs to be cleaned, which is convenient for the maintenance of the flowmeter, and the heavy polluted fluid must be installed.

2. Requirements for straight section. In order to improve the influence of eddy current and flow field distortion, the length of straight pipe before and after the flowmeter installation has certain requirements, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.

3. Requirements for process pipe. The flowmeter has certain requirements for the upstream and downstream process pipes at the installation point, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.

The process pipe and the sensor must be concentric, and the coaxial deviation should not be greater than 0.05dn; the inner diameter of upstream and downstream process pipes should be the same as that of the sensor, and should meet the following requirements: 0.98dn ≤ D ≤ 1.05dn.

The above are the most common two kinds of electromagnetic flowmeter, through the above introduction, I hope users can handle according to the requirements when using, so as to avoid problems caused by improper installation.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi plug-in and pipeline type electromagnetic flowmeter installation points, hope to help you, if you still related product problems, you can dial the page of the consultation phone! The company provides 24-hour service!

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