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Cause analysis of turbine flowmeter accuracy decline

Author: Release date: March 30, 2017 08:57:50 Source: Shanghai Cixi Browse: 144
Turbine flowmeter is famous for its accurate and reliable measurement since ancient times. However, in our sales for many years, we also found that some users also encountered some problems when using turbine flowmeter, mainly for the decline of accuracy. Isn't it different from the turbine flowmeter? What's going on?

The first thing we should pay attention to is that the installation of the turbine is not reliable, because the installation of the turbine may decrease.

1. Avoid vibration or stress in piping.

2. The front and rear pipes of turbine flowmeter shall be firmly supported to avoid obvious vibration.

3. The turbine flowmeter shall be concentric with the pipeline, and the sealing ring shall not protrude into the pipeline.

It is necessary to avoid the interference to the external magnetic field. If it cannot be avoided, shielding cover should be added to the amplifier of turbine flowmeter to eliminate the interference.

5. If reverse flow is possible, check valve should be added to prevent reverse flow.

6. In order to avoid gas accumulation in the flowmeter, the flowmeter should not be installed at the highest point of the horizontal pipeline.

7. Avoid places easily affected by strong thermal radiation and radioactivity.

8. If the flowmeter is installed at the low point of the pipeline, a discharge valve should be installed on the pipeline to discharge the sediment regularly.

9. When cleaning the newly laid pipeline, a short pipe should be connected to the position where the turbine flowmeter is installed, and then install the turbine flowmeter after the cleaning is completed.

Secondly, let's see what other factors affect the accuracy of the turbine flowmeter.

1. The turbine flowmeter will be affected by the following factors: electromagnetic field interference, dust, high temperature, vibration, humidity, etc., which may cause the malfunction or failure of the turbine flowmeter, and directly cause the indication error of the turbine flowmeter. The error is positive or negative, which may not be obvious or completely invalid. For the above phenomenon, when it is more serious, the problems can be found from the comparison of process working states, and corresponding measures can be easily taken. However, in the early stage of the problem, no special measures can be taken to find the problem.

2. Fibrous or viscous impurities in the fluid are attached to the rotating part of the flowmeter, which increases the rotational resistance, reduces the indicated value of the instrument and causes negative error, which is unfavorable to the supplier of the fluid.

3. The change of fluid temperature and pressure may cause the liquid in the pipeline to escape from the contained air, or the pressure in the pipeline is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the fluid, so that part of the liquid is turned into steam, or the external gas may be sucked into the pipeline due to the negative pressure of the medium. These gases flow with the measured liquid, resulting in the increase of the instrument indication value, resulting in a positive error Benefit.

4. There are some impurities in the medium, which will wear the bearing and shaft, increase the gap between them, destroy the dynamic balance of the moving parts, reduce the rotating speed, or the dirt will enter the gap, which will increase the resistance of movement and decrease the speed. All of these reasons lead to the decrease of instrument display value and negative error, which is disadvantageous to the supplier of fluid.

Some users may feel that it is troublesome to pay attention to these problems, but any sensitive measuring instrument will be affected by the relevant environment, which is also its sensitive and reliable performance.

The above is the introduction of Shanghai Cixi to the turbine flowmeter accuracy decline reason analysis, hope to help you, if you still have related product problems, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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