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Common problems in using electromagnetic flowmeter and requirements for installation site

Author: Release date: March 31, 2017 09:04:06 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 118
Electromagnetic flowmeter is commonly used in water treatment of factories and sewage treatment of residential areas. It has good installation environment, long-term stability and reliability, and high sensitivity. It can ensure the accuracy and effect of measurement for a long time, especially for large caliber measurement, and has been applied well.

The installation site of electromagnetic flowmeter should meet the following conditions:

1. Avoid rain and water immersion;

2. Avoid high concentration corrosive gas in the surrounding environment as far as possible;

3. The relative humidity is in the range of 10% to 90%;

4. Avoid large motors and transformers nearby to avoid electromagnetic interference;

5. The place where the sensor is easy to be grounded separately;

6. Avoid negative pressure in the measuring tube as far as possible;

7. Within a certain range of ambient temperature, the temperature of a body structure is also subject to electronic components, and the range is narrower;

8. Select the place with small vibration, especially for the integrated instrument;

9. Avoid direct sunlight as far as possible;

10. When measuring the mixed phase fluid, select the place that will not cause phase separation; when measuring the two-component liquid, avoid installing it in the downstream of the mixing not even; when measuring the chemical reaction pipeline, install it at the downstream of the fully completed reaction section.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is often troubled by the following factors in use

First, the electromagnetic flowmeter used in regional network can provide certain decision-making information for urban water supply dispatching, so we hope that the electromagnetic flow signal used for user settlement or regional network is real-time and continuous.

At present, the electromagnetic flowmeter needs to develop or select other data transmission system in order to realize the real-time monitoring of data. This not only increases the cost input, but also increases the difficulty of operation and management. If the electromagnetic flowmeter can complete the signal automatic conversion and wireless transmission in the instrument itself, and reduce the problems of data acquisition compatibility or mutual conversion, it will provide convenience for the use of enterprises, and will increase greater advantages for the popularization and application of electromagnetic flowmeter.

Second, because the electromagnetic flowmeter needs external power supply, it is inconvenient to install outdoors, which also limits the use of electromagnetic flowmeter in rural pipe network. In addition, the electromagnetic flowmeter does not have its own power supply. Once the power is cut off, the data of the flowmeter used as the settlement water meter will be missing. Thus, new problems will be raised for the measurement and calculation of the missing water volume during the power-off period. Generally, the water supply enterprises and users consult each other on a case by case basis, which increases a lot of work.

If the electromagnetic flowmeter can be equipped with its own power supply, this problem can be fundamentally solved and its application in settlement water meter will be promoted. But now can use the Keng battery power supply, has solved this question.

Third, whether it is settlement water meter or regional metering electromagnetic flowmeter, lightning protection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a severe test in relatively open suburbs, especially in Guangdong, which covers a large area in thunderstorm weather.

After strict grounding and power protection, the probability of electromagnetic flowmeter installed in open area is still very high. Even if the internal lightning protection of the flowmeter can not be reduced, the most effective solution is to replace the circuit itself.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is often used to measure some difficult to measure medium, such as corrosive medium, toxic medium or medium with large diameter. It is the best choice for many flowmeters to measure the blind area.

The above is the introduction of Shanghai Cixi on the use of electromagnetic flowmeter and the requirements of the installation site, I hope it can help you, if you still have related product problems, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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