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What medium is suitable for turbine flowmeter

Author: Release date: March 31, 2017 14:16:18 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 158

Turbine flowmeter is the main variety of impeller flowmeter, mainly divided into liquid turbine and gas turbine. Let's take a look at the turbine flowmeter, which flow meter is suitable for you?

1. Turbine flowmeter is generally only used to measure medium with high cleanliness


At present, most turbine flowmeter bearings are spherical bearings, so there is a high requirement for the cleanliness of the measured medium. If the medium contains particulate impurities, it will make the bearing wear quickly. If there are fiber impurities, it will wind around the turbine blade, affecting the normal rotation of the turbine. In practical application, an effective filter should be installed upstream of the turbine flowmeter.


2. Turbine flowmeter is generally only used for low viscosity single-phase fluid


Through practical application and verification, the instrument coefficient of turbine flowmeter hardly changes with the change of flow rate when measuring medium with low viscosity. When the viscosity of measured medium increases, the linearity of turbine flowmeter will become very poor, and the instrument coefficient will change greatly with the change of flow rate, so it is difficult to achieve the measurement accuracy. When the measured medium is gas-liquid two-phase flow, the velocity of medium will become very unstable, which will lead to great measurement error.


3. The medium fluid measured by turbine flowmeter should be in turbulent state


According to the flow characteristics of turbine flowmeter, when the medium is in laminar flow state, the instrument coefficient changes greatly with the change of flow rate; when the medium is in turbulent state, the instrument coefficient almost does not change with the change of flow rate. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of turbine flowmeter, the measured medium should be in turbulent state.


The above is about the measurement and analysis of the applicable medium of turbine flowmeter. If you have any other problems or requirements about flowmeter, you can contact the manufacturer of side flowmeter, and we will serve you wholeheartedly. As a professional R & D flowmeter manufacturer, for several years, seide flowmeter manufacturer has been adhering to the production concept of creating brand with quality and seeking development with brand. It has been persistently researching and developing new technologies and products, providing reliable and responsive products for customers. Meanwhile, it has established long-term cooperative relationship with many manufacturers All German colleagues are looking forward to sailing with you.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi turbine flowmeter suitable for measuring which media, I hope to help you, if you also related product problems, you can call the page of the consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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