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Repair and maintenance of plug-in turbine flowmeter

Author: Release date: 2015-02-05 11:21:07 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 82
??????? Plug in turbine flowmeter Repair and maintenance of
It is used to measure the flow of source water and industrial circulating water with fiber and other impurities in large diameter pipeline. There are various flow meters in China, but each has its own defects. For example: the movable part of the instrument is entangled by fibrous debris, which leads to the decline of accuracy; the internal sensing element of the instrument is covered or structured by debris, which affects the normal signal sending; some instruments can only be used reluctantly due to the reasons of expensive, bulky and high energy consumption; some instruments are difficult to be popularized because they are not easy to master the use and maintenance technology. The plug-in tangential turbine flowmeter can solve the above problems, and the practical application effect is good.
I. structure and principle
The plug-in tangential turbine flowmeter is composed of lwcq flow sensor, xwc-1 integral display instrument and connecting cable. The basic principle is that it is inserted into a certain depth of large diameter pipe, and the tangential turbine head impeller is driven to rotate when the fluid flows. The blade made of ferromagnetic material on the impeller periodically approaches the magnetoresistive detector inserted into the rod, so that the electric pulse flow signal is induced at both ends of the detector coil. The signal is amplified by the preamplifier and sent to the display instrument. In a certain flow range, the total volume through the pipeline is directly proportional to the number of pulses emitted by the sensor when flowing through these fluids. The signal can be amplified by measuring the total flow of the instrument and then the signal can be transmitted through the detector.
II. Common faults and maintenance of flowmeter
1. The display instrument does not display and the counter does not skip
In the work site, first judge whether it is the fault of the sensor or the display instrument. Turn the work selection switch of the display instrument from "working" to "calibration". If the display is not displayed and the word does not jump, it means that the display instrument is faulty.
There is short circuit, open circuit and poor insulation between sensor and display instrument. Check whether there is short circuit between the three core shielded wires with the ohm block of the multimeter; check whether the insulation resistance between the three core shielded wires is more than 1m Ω with a megger; and then check whether there is open circuit phenomenon.
Preamplifier failure. Turn on the power supply, put the multimeter in R * 10 gear, tap the No. 1 and 4 lines of the sensor preamplifier with the probe, and the needle should swing. If it does not swing, it means that the front amplifier board is faulty. The preamplifier board can be removed to check the amplifier components for damage, deterioration and false soldering. The electrolytic capacitor and operational amplifier are easy to be damaged, so the inspection should be focused.
Detection coil open circuit, short circuit or damp. Turn off the power supply and measure lines 1 and 4 with a multimeter, that is, both ends of the coil are detected. The resistance value is about 1.8K Ω, the difference is small, it can be dried, and the coil and desiccant can be replaced if the resistance is larger. When removing the coil, first take down the large plate, and then pull out the coil from the insertion rod.

The above is the Shanghai Cixi plug-in turbine flowmeter repair and maintenance of the introduction, I hope to help you, if you still related product problems, you can call the page of the consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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