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Price of high pressure dense phase solid flowmeter

Author: Release date: 2015-02-11 13:48:12 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 123
??? High pressure dense phase solid flowmeter Price, application of dense phase solid flowmeter in pneumatic conveying.
Pneumatic conveying technology has important application value and prospect in petroleum, chemical, cement, food, tobacco, non-ferrous metal and other industrial sectors. Compared with the general pneumatic conveying process, dense phase pneumatic conveying has the advantages of low gas consumption and low energy consumption. The measurement of solid-gas two-phase material flow in pneumatic conveying pipeline has always been a difficulty. In the design process of a project, it is necessary to measure the mass flow of a light material into the gasifier. Because the project is a test device with a small scale, and because the density of the light material is very small, the traditional solid material measurement method, such as weighing method, is not suitable for measuring because the mass of the material is far less than the gross weight of the equipment and the error is very large.
The material enters the gasifier of the following sequence to conduct combustion reaction with oxygen, so the proportion of the material and oxygen should be strictly controlled, otherwise the ratio of the material and oxygen will be out of balance, the conversion rate will be affected, and even the gasifier explosion will occur due to the peroxide caused by the broken material. After multiple measurement methods must be selected, finally a concentration solid flowmeter is selected to control the proportion of light material and oxygen, so as to achieve high conversion rate and avoid danger.
???? Overview of dense phase solid flowmeter
???? Application conditions
Solid phase flow meter is a set of solid mass flow measurement system. The dense phase solid flowmeter shall be used for on-line measurement under the following working conditions. Dense phase solid flowmeter is used for on-line measurement of the following working conditions; dense phase materials transported by pneumatic force; various powders or particles; mechanical conveying system. Such as: chute, chute and other blanking pipeline.
How it works
Through special capacitance coupling, a uniform high frequency AC electromagnetic field is generated in the measuring tube. When the solid material passes through, it absorbs the energy of the measurement field, so it outputs a measurement signal of the concentration value (kg / m3) of the transported material in the measuring tube. In the measuring tube, the energy change of AC electromagnetic field can be measured by two sensor points with fixed distance. The central processing unit measures the time difference of material flowing through two measuring points according to correlation method. If the distance between the measuring points and the time difference are known, the velocity value (M / s) of solid material can be calculated.

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