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MF analog output transmitter

Author: Release date: 2015-02-12 14:46:44 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 114
MF analog output transmitter
MF Series transmitter can be matched with the volumetric flowmeter of our company. It can convert the instantaneous flow into 4-20mA analog output, and send it to the control room for display, regulation and control of the instantaneous flow (Note: it can not be used for the calculation of cumulative flowmeter). Two wire MF transmitter has no pulse output, while four wire system can have pulse output.
1. Directly convert the flowmeter to 4-20mA output on the flowmeter
2. There are two-wire system and four wire system for users to choose (three wire system when pulse is not needed)
3. High precision, good reliability, meet the explosion-proof requirements
technical parameter
1. Output
A analog quantity: 4-20mA
B pulse: voltage pulse
VL < 0.5V, VH > 9V, 12V power supply
VL < 0.5V VH > 20V, 24V power supply
2. Accuracy
Analog quantity: ± 0.5% FS
Pulse quantity: ± pulse
3. Ambient temperature
4. Analog load resistance (user end)
R1 < 400 Ω 12V power supply
RL < 800 Ω_24v power supply
5. Power supply
Four wire DC 12V or 24V
Current 60mA
Two wire system, DC 24 V, current 20 mA
6. Explosion proof
Explosion proof sign
Piping: G1 / 2 ''
The outer diameter of the adaptive cable is 7.5 ~ 10.5

The above, we can also call the output of MF products help! The company provides 24-hour service!

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