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Instruction manual of solid flow meter

Author: Release date: 2015-03-06 15:47:12 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 241
Instruction manual of solid flow meter
DLM / DLD solid flowmeter is a kind of continuous weighing and metering feeding equipment. It is suitable for chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries. It can automatically and continuously feed, dynamically measure or control the non viscous granular or powdery materials. In the cement industry, it is mainly used in the kiln metering of biological powder, the measurement of fly ash and bulk cement.
DLD solid flowmeter and calibration bin with feeding device can test the metering accuracy of solid flowmeter online, and the feeding device can automatically adjust the material flow according to the set feeding rate.
The solid flow control system is equipped with DLD flow meter. The system controls the feeding speed through the analog input port, and can also be connected with the upper computer or process management system (DCS) to complete the automatic control of the system.
Basic structure
DLM / DLD solid flowmeter consists of mechanical scale and control instrument.
Mechanical scale body
The mechanical part mainly includes: shell, guide chute, measuring chute, lever device, weighing sensor, etc.
(1) Shell
The shell is the basic component of the solid flowmeter, which is made by bending and welding steel plate. There is a flange at the bottom for solid on the platform or other supporting structure, and a flange connecting with the guide chute at the upper part. The shell is provided with a cover for the door operator to repair and dismantle the measuring groove. The cover door is pasted with a rubber sealing ring and connected with the shell with a pick-up button.
(2) Guide chute
The guide chute is connected with the shell by bolts, and the materials flow into the measuring chute in a specific direction when passing through the guide chute. The entrance of the guide chute is equipped with a sealing rubber ring, which covers the expansion joint inserted into the guide chute, which can prevent the dust from entering and flying out from the interface and does not affect the weighing of the silo.
(3) Measuring chute
The measuring chute is connected with the tubular beam, which traverses the whole shell, and is sealed with two rubber diaphragms, and both ends are connected by a clamping rod device. The material enters the chute along the tangent direction of the curved surface of the measuring chute through the guide chute. The material flow direction will not deflect the chute by impact, thus producing a measurement force proportional to the flow rate. The measuring force is transmitted to the load cell by the arm device.
(4) Lever device
The lever device is a force transmission mechanism, which is supported by two groups of cross reeds. The upper part is connected with the measuring chute, and the lower part is provided with a frame for balancing the counterweight. A counterweight block is installed on the frame to adjust the zero point of the scale body. The other end of the frame is provided with a screw, which contacts with the stress column of the sensor.
(5) Load cell
The load cell is installed on the sensor bracket connected with the shell, and the top plate of the bracket is equipped with a junction box. The load cell adopts metal bellows sealed high precision sensor.
2. Control instrument
The weighing controllers of DLD solid flowmeter are all installed in TRC electric control cabinet, which includes fp401 microcomputer controller. DLM solid flowmeter weighing controller and FTP wall mounted case
(1) Fp401 microcomputer controller
Fp401 microcomputer controller is a weighing controller of solid flowmeter. There are three basic function cards in the controller, including CPU card, a / D and I / O and keyboard display card. The panel has a fluorescent display and 22 touch keys.
(2) Bin weighing instrument (optional)
The silo weighing instrument is used as an external equipment for metering correction and flow control. When the solid flowmeter and the calibration bin constitute the feeding system, the silo weighing instrument carries out static weighing on the calibration bin with a weighing sensor, and corrects the weighing accuracy of the solid flowmeter. The flow valve controller can control the feeding of the flow valve by the feed regulating signal of the instrument, so that the flow valve can feed according to the set feeding speed.

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