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How to select flowmeter

Author: Release date: 2016-12-12 10:25:10 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 110
?????? How to select flowmeter?
The type selection of flow meter often plays a very important role in the successful use of the instrument. Due to the complex situation of the measured object and the variety of the instrument, it is difficult to master the product quality. There is no perfect flowmeter. All kinds of instruments have their own characteristics. The purpose of model selection is to make full use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages among many kinds of flow meters, and select the most suitable instrument.

In general, five aspects can be considered in the selection, including instrument performance, fluid characteristics, installation conditions, environmental conditions and economic factors. The detailed factors in five aspects are as follows:

1. Instrument performance

Accuracy, repeatability, linearity, range, flow range, signal output characteristics, response time, pressure loss, etc;

2. Fluid characteristics

Fluid, temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, chemical corrosion, abrasiveness, scaling, clogging, miscibility, phase transformation, electrical conductivity, sound velocity, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and isentropic index;

3. Installation conditions

Pipeline layout direction, flow direction, length of straight pipe section at upstream and downstream sides of test piece, pipe diameter, maintenance space, power supply, grounding, auxiliary equipment (filter and degasser), installation, pulsation, etc;

4. Environmental conditions

Environmental temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, safety, explosion-proof, pipeline vibration, etc;

Economic factors

Instrument purchase cost, installation cost, operation cost, calibration cost, maintenance cost, instrument service life, spare parts, etc.

The steps of instrument selection are as follows:

1. According to the type of fluid and five factors, the types of available instruments are preliminarily selected (several types should be available for selection);
2. Collect the data and price information of primary selection type to prepare conditions for in-depth analysis and comparison;
3. The elimination method is used to gradually concentrate on 1-2 types. The five factors should be repeatedly compared and analyzed to determine the pre selection target. ?

The above is Shanghai Cixi on how to select the flowmeter, hope to help you, if you still have related product problems, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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