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Author: Release date: June 24, 2019 13:58:13 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 103
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1. Technical parameters:

Medium: glass glue

Viscosity: 50000-60000cp

Flow rate: 5g / S

Temperature and pressure: normal temperature and pressure

Power source: syringe (injection volume can be set)

Detection method: quantitative addition

Display: need to display, two alarm signals

Specific working condition: the sealant strip on the vehicle should be injected with sealant. The sealing strip is coated with glass glue, and the tape is coated for 40 seconds a day. The purpose is: to apply 40 seconds, higher or lower. Equipped with digital display meter, with upper and lower limit holding signal.

Recommended model: cx-g1-b-al (0.04 ~ 8L / min)

2. Why flow meters are used

A. strictly control the amount of glass glue to ensure the injection of glue, which can ensure the sealing effect.

B. to monitor whether the flow rate is stable in the process of glue spraying. If the flow rate of the digital display meter with alarm signal becomes too large or too small, it can be detected in time;

C. if we can't find out whether the dispensing amount is equal or whether the dispensing is finished, it will seriously affect the sealing quality of the sealing parts, which is not conducive to the promotion of brand effect, and can not make a high-quality product to customers.

The above is the introduction of Shanghai Cixi to * * (China) automobile sealing system Co., Ltd., hoping to help you. If you still have related product problems, you can call the page for consultation! The company provides 24-hour service!

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