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Author: Release date: June 24, 2019 14:08:23 Source: Shanghai Cixi View: 110


1. Working condition analysis:

Medium: hydraulic oil

Flow range: 3ml / min-50ml / min

Temperature: normal temperature

Pressure: no more than 0.3MPa

Power source: hydraulic pump

Detection mode: instantaneous flow

Display: instantaneous flow and cumulative flow display, 4-20mA output. It mainly detects the leakage of hydraulic oil.

Specific working condition analysis: the customer is used on the hydraulic station equipment to prevent the hydraulic pump from leaking oil, the flow detection and alarm signal, the on-site staff can timely find out the oil leakage situation, and timely eliminate the leakage fault of the hydraulic system.

2. Why flowmeter is used

A. control and reduce the leakage of hydraulic oil at the work site. When the flow rate is not within the rated range, the staff can timely receive the alarm signal, timely adjust the working state of the machinery, and improve the work efficiency.

B. the leakage of hydraulic oil will cause the mechanical equipment on site to stop working, reduce the volume of the hydraulic pump and reduce the working efficiency.

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