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? It has been more than 7 years since Shanghai Cixi started its business in 2008. From the beginning of starting a business to now, step by step, it is extremely difficult to harvest sweat and experience.
Since 2013, the company has adjusted its management mode and innovated its thinking. Gradually form a set of perfect corporate culture system, and improve the establishment of recruitment system, training system, conference system, performance evaluation system, brand promotion system.
In line with the business philosophy of "integrity, quality, innovation and win-win", Shanghai Cixi should constantly establish a good reputation among new and old customers. Our business goal is to do a perfect product chain, have a professional and efficient excellent team, to provide good solutions. Enterprise vision is to be the world's first-class quality service automation control manufacturer and distributor
Therefore, our company should constantly attract top-level talents, cultivate talents and reuse talents. At present, the company has English sales team, Russian sales team, domestic sales team. At the same time, we have self-developed products.
We adhere to: pay attention to people with both ability and integrity, pay attention to every innovative idea of employees, attach importance to every customer, and give priority to service quality. In this way, we can better maximize the interests of customers, build a stage for employees to succeed in life, make due contributions to the country, create great wealth together with everyone, and let the company go to a bigger stage.