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Micro elliptical gear flowmeter

Application micro flowmeter is widely used in low flow precision measurement of various industries, such as automobile, aviation, mining, electric power, paint and oil, etc. its applications include fuel, fuel oil lubricant, alcohol, biology, ethanol, fuel, grease, binder, ink, insecticide and non-conductive liquid pumped or gravity fed quantitative addition, robot glue, hydraulic, large motor, spray Nozzle, oil pump test
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Product introduction

Micro flowmeters are widely used in various industries, such as automobile, aviation, mining, power, paint and oil, etc., including fuel and fuel oil
Lubricants, alcohol, biological, ethanol fuels, oils, adhesives, inks, pesticides and non-conductive liquids for pumping or gravity feeding
Quantitative addition, robot glue, hydraulic, large motor, fuel nozzle, oil pump test bench and other small flowmeter test applications

Product description
In terms of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, the micro flowmeter adopts the most advanced design in the world, so that the domestic micro flowmeter can not only keep pace with the international advanced level in quality, but also keep pace with the international advanced level in terms of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. ?
Micro flowmeter has two national invention patents. In the process of production quality control, starting from the purchase of raw materials, each production and precision processing link should be carefully inspected. Each micro flowmeter must be continuously calibrated before leaving the factory. Each process of micro wheel flowmeter is strictly implemented in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system. The products have CE, SGS and other EU certification.
Our company to "German quality, China's price" as the slogan to create the world-class elliptic gear flow, truly do the benchmark enterprise in the automation instrument industry.

technical parameter
model Flow range Connection mode
CX-M2 0.5~150mL/min Internal thread G1 8
CX-M3 3~300mL/min G1 / 8 internal thread
CX-M5 5~1000mL/min G1 / 8 internal thread
CX-M6 0.5~100L/H G1 / 4 internal thread
CX-M9 6~600L/H G1 / 4 internal thread
CX-M12 0.3~30L/min Internal thread G1 2
CX-M25 0.5~100L/min G1 internal thread
CX-M40 10~250L/min G1.5 internal thread
CX-M50 15~500L/min G2 internal thread
medium Resistant to strong acid, alkali, diesel oil, glue, lubricating oil, water, ethanol, vegetable oil, honey, cosmetic water, medicament and other chemical liquids .
accuracy 0.50%
temperature -30 ℃ to 80 ℃
pressure 32bar (high voltage can be customized)
output Square wave pulse
power supply 4~26VDC
texture of material Stainless steel, aluminum

Product features
Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd. has imported German Siemens CNC machining center, which has greatly improved the micro flowmeter. In fact, it has reached the world leading level. It is confident that the precision of high-pressure Japanese similar products is more than double. The micro flow meter, as small as a screw hole, as large as the case and gear, is completed by German Siemens CNC machining center, which completely gets rid of the domestic manufacturing process of mixed operation of mechanical and manual operation, and the manufacturing process of micro flow will have a milestone change.
  1. China's first, one of the world's top 10 producers

2. Alibaba's 10-year gold supplier

3. CNC cutting accuracy is 0.001mm. Pulse is 0.01ml/p

4. It can be replaced by Japan (oval), Italy (plusi), Germany (Kobold), Australia (flomec) and United States (DEA)

5. Temperature-20-200 ℃, pressure 150MPa, service life 8 years, maintenance free,

6. More than 50 kinds of media test, more than 100 kinds of working conditions