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Thermal mass gas flowmeter

Applications: Petroleum and natural gas industry, electric power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, pulp and paper industry, food and medicine industry, compressed air measurement in factory, pulverized coal combustion process, pulverized coal gas ratio control fuel, cement industry vertical mill discharge hot gas flow control
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Product introduction

Cx-tmfm-b thermal mass gas flowmeter
 Thermal mass gas flowmeter compressed air flowmeter biogas flowmeter ?
Oil and gas industry, power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, pulp and paper industry, food and pharmaceutical industry,
The results show that: the measurement of compressed air in factory; the control of pulverized coal / gas ratio in the process of pulverized coal combustion; the control of hot gas discharge from Vertical Pulverizer in cement industry
working principle:
■ flow meter based on thermal diffusion principle. That is, when the fluid flows through the heating object, the heat loss of the heating object is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid. Specifically, the sensor of the flowmeter has two standard RTDs, one is used as a heat source and the other is used to measure the fluid temperature. When the fluid flows through, the temperature difference between the two has a nonlinear relationship with the flow rate. The instrument can convert this relationship into a linear output of the measured flow signal.
There are two methods to make the flowmeter: one is based on the principle of constant temperature diffusion and the other is based on the principle of constant power. Based on the common data model: P / △ t = a + B (q) n. Among them, P is dissipation power, △ t is temperature difference between two sensors, q is mass flow, n is exponential coefficient, a and B are coefficients related to thermal performance of gas.
The principle of constant temperature difference: △ t remains unchanged, and the dissipation power P increases exponentially with the fluid flow rate Q.
Constant power principle: the dissipative power is constant, the temperature difference △ T and the flow rate Q of the fluid decrease exponentially.

Product features:
Platinum RTD sensor with high stability and patented technology
It adopts "balanced structure package" with proprietary technology and self compensation of medium temperature
Special algorithm for high linearity, high repeatability and high precision
The range ratio is 1000:1, which can be expanded according to user requirements
It can realize the measurement of large pipe diameter and small flow, the minimum flow can be measured as low as zero, and the resolution is 0.001m/s
No moving parts and negligible vibration effect
The requirements of straight pipe section are not high 1-2D
It has nothing to do with the temperature and pressure of the medium
Special high temperature algorithm, medium temperature up to + 510 ℃,
High humidity algorithm is adopted to realize high precision measurement
Input 12 points dynamic correction for flow signal and built-in 10 points correction
Online dynamic correction of current / voltage output
It is not sensitive to small particles such as dust
Online loading and unloading without interruption of flow, convenient maintenance

Structural form:
Integrated plug-in, split plug-in and pipe type

Performance index:
Measurement range: 0-120nm / S (20 ℃, 101.33kpa)
Accuracy: ± 1% of reading ± 0.5% of full scale
Range ratio: usually 1000:1 (depending on the range of calibrated flow)
Pipe diameter range: 10 mm ~ 6 000 mm
Application range: suitable for all kinds of single or mixed gases. It contains dust, sand, moisture and various corrosive gases
Environment temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ (no display); - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (with display); humidity less than 90% RH
The range of medium temperature is from - 40 ℃ to + 40 ℃; the temperature range of medium is from - 40 ℃ to + 40 ℃;
Sensor diameter: ф 3, ф 2.5
Probe rod diameter of plug-in sensor: ф 19 (standard), ф 16, ф 12
Sensor material: 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium
Probe rod material (protective sleeve): 316 stainless steel (standard), Hastelloy
Two way medium flow measurement
Analog output: flow: 4-20madc, temperature: 4-20madc, maximum load: 1000 Ω
· cumulative impulse output
Type in 12 segments of nonlinear correction
Communication: RS485
Power supply: 24 VDC / 600 Ma; 220 VAC / 2 W; 110 VAC / 3 W
Alarm: 1-2 relay outputs, 5A / 220V, 5A / 30VDC, input setting??
Large screen LCD display: 7-bit instantaneous flow, 8-bit cumulative flow
Process pressure: 1.6Mpa (maximum 16MPa)
Installation process: plug in type (ferrule, ferrule + ball valve, flange connection), pipe type (flange and thread connection)
Explosion proof grade: intrinsically safe (IA Ⅱ CT5), flameproof (Exd Ⅱ cT4)
Protection grade: IP65