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Integrated flow temperature sensor sn50 series

The integrated flow temperature sensor sn50 series ? ?. sn50 contains a PT100
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Product introduction

Integrated flow temperature sensor sn50 series


Principle and structure

Based on the thermal principle, the closed probe contains two resistors, one of which is heated as the detection resistance, and the other is not heated as the reference resistance. When the medium flows, the heat on the heating resistance is taken away, and the resistance value is changed. The difference between the two resistances is used as the basis for judging the flow rate.
Sn50 contains a PT100 probe, and the resistance of Pt100 varies with temperature. PT100 has two-wire, three-wire and four-wire specifications to choose from.
No moving parts, no maintenance, easy installation. One model is suitable for a variety of pipe diameter requirements. The switch value is continuously adjustable, with extremely low pressure loss, compact structure, LED display flow trend and switch state temperature signal. There is no optional cabinet mounted control meter.
It can be used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, in circulating water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil cut-off monitoring, water supply system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, cooling system, heating system, air conditioning system, automation engineering, etc., as well as pump idling protection.
technical parameter
Setting range: 1..... 150cm / S (water), 3... 300cm / S (oil), 20..... 200cm / S (air)
Signal output: PNP, NPN, relay
Normally open + normally closed (SPDT)
Power supply: 24 V ± 20% DC or 230 V ± 15% AC
Turn on current: maximum 400mA (PNP or NPN type)
Maximum 4a (relay type)
No load current: maximum 80mA
Flow indication: LED row (6)
Setting mode: potentiometer setting
Pressure range: 100bar
Temperature gradient: 4 ℃ / S
Corresponding time: 1-13s, typical value 2S
Initialization time: 8s
Electrical protection: reverse phase, short circuit, overload protection
Protection grade: IP67
Medium temperature: - 20 ~ 80 ℃
Ambient temperature: - 20-80 ℃
Storage temperature: - 20-100 ℃
Wiring mode: M12 connector / directly attached 2m optional
Material: probe: stainless steel
PBT case
Weight: 0.4KG
Measurement range: - 50 ℃... 0 ℃, - 50... 50 ℃; 0... 50 ℃; 0... 100 ℃
Accuracy grade: a
Allowable error: ± 0.15 + 0.002xt
Withstand voltage: type 6 probe 40bar
Shell material: stainless steel
Contact part material: stainless steel 1.4571
Electrical connections: terminal connections
Protection level: IP67
Led function and setting (switch type)
Install the flow switch, remove the protection screw, make the medium flow at the flow rate to be detected, and adjust the potentiometer so that the first green LED just lights up. After that, when the flow rate is lower than the current value, the switch is released. If you want to make the flow rate before the switch point small, it can be said that the potentiometer makes the green led more bright.